Phil's Priorities

Take back our freedoms

Our rights come from God, not the government. But New Jersey politicians in Trenton and Washington have been playing God with our rights and freedoms, telling us when we can and can’t worship, when our businesses can open, when our kids can go to school, and that we have to choose between losing our job or our medical freedom. I will be your voice in Washington every single time they threaten your constitutional freedoms. I will stand for all of your Constitutional rights, including the Second Amendment. Freedom has made us the shining city on a hill for the world. It is imperative that we fight back when Washington declares themselves the “final authority”. 

Return to high academic standards

While leftists are busy figuring out how to sneak dangerous racial and sexual curriculum around parents, many of us are left wondering. Are our kids actually learning? Are they actually being prepared for life? From community preschools to world class graduate programs New Jersey once led the nation and the world in premiere, virtue-driven education. Today, we’ve seen that tradition tarnished. Our great universities were once grounded in American traditions of religion and freedom, free ideas, open discovery, and truth. But today, New Jersey’s universities have become echo chambers and propaganda machines for the progressive left. Ideologues have turned our schools into circuses and have confused an entire generation of Americans about our history and values. If we let this continue, we will bankrupt America’s ability to lead through future challenges. I am running to keep education-policy bureaucrats and leftist lobbyists out of our schools and to renew high academic standards to New Jersey. By empowering parents to engage and defending the First Amendment (rather than silencing and sending the FBI after them – looking at you, Biden DOJ!), we will restore New Jersey’s entire education system and give New Jersey children the real opportunity to succeed.

Free businesses from government interference

Businesses can’t hire enough of the right people. Grocers, retailers, and main street small businesses can’t keep up and are struggling to fill their shelves. Manufacturers across the country can’t find the parts they need to build their products, and sales are going unfulfilled. Biden’s spending policies have led to inflation. His tax-hikes and labor shortages propelled by government handouts are stifling young, working class, and entrepreneurial Americans. He and his cronies have an insatiable desire to control our economy, tax our livelihoods, and use the Covid pandemic to seize power. America has always thrived when we are free to control our own destinies, to innovate, and to start and grow our own businesses. It’s time to say enough to the overreaching regulations and shortsighted policies and go back to the time-tested principles that stimulate business and the economy: cut spending, regulatory reform, and investment in our workforce.

Cut Spending and
balance the budget

President Biden’s economic agenda is a disaster. And New Jerseyans are feeling it every day. Middle and lower income families are struggling to pay for gas at the pump. Young and working-class Americans are being priced out of their neighborhoods, and the Left has no remedy – they’ve actually created the problem. Everything from buying gas and groceries, to buying a house and starting a business has become out of reach for too many New Jerseyans and the Biden administration is to blame. Because of runaway spending, tax rates are rising rapidly, and are so out of control that the Biden agenda is considering bills to implement the highest tax rate hike in nearly a century and higher tax rates on the lower-class and middle-class than Communist China or Socialist Europe. But it doesn’t have to be that way.  We can’t even begin the conversation on lower taxes until we rein in out-of-control spending. As your Congressman, I will bring conservative leadership that restricts spending, which leads to lower taxes, and pushes back on government overreach. Together, we can make New Jersey one of the best – not worst – states to raise a family, start a business, and find a good job. It starts with taking back our Congress.

Strong borders,
law and order

Today, illegal border crossers have more rights and freedoms than American citizens! The open border policies of the left have been an unqualified disaster. The human crisis at the border is truly heartbreaking and the onslaught of drugs and trafficking is bleeding into cities and states far from the southern border. This is a problem that rests squarely on the shoulders of the federal government and Congress needs to solve the problem, not talk endlessly and play with ineffective compromises. It’s time to close the border with physical and technology barriers, allocate more resources to our border patrol and ICE agents, and toughen our screening and security processes. We need to make it less advantageous to break our laws and more advantageous to follow them.

Secure elections,
state sovereignty

Secure, reliable elections are a bedrock of our republic. You should be able to trust the results of an election. Sadly, that trust has been broken. But Washington control is far from the answer. Washington is always crouching and ready to take control of what the Constitution never put in their control. We need to protect the sovereignty of states to control their own elections and encourage common sense reforms at the state level. At the federal level, we need to stand against bills that would federalize our elections and use taxpayer dollars to fund leftists campaigns. We also need to dig deeper into how out-of-control Big Tech was able to exert such influence on our elections and ensure that tech companies are never again allowed to intentionally withhold critical news and information from Americans.

Protect speech and privacy, rein in Big Tech

Big tech has teamed up with the federal government to become one of the greatest threats to our speech, freedom and privacy. Massive and unchecked, it holds vast amounts of information on us and has the power to control what we say and what we see. When the federal government wants to silence speech or ideas and can’t do so because of Constitutional constraints, they are now leaning on tech companies to do it for them. We’ve been talking about this for a while. It’s time for real solutions and real accountability so that tech companies aren’t cemented permanta yet another arm of a tyrannical federal government and oppressive cancel culture. 

Respect New Jersey
family values

Here in New Jersey, we respect faith and family values. We’re frankly tired of our beliefs being denigrated by a government that doesn’t understand or reflect our values. I’m 100% pro-life, pro-religious freedom, pro-family. In Washington, I will ensure that the most vulnerable in the womb are protected every single time. I’ll fight so your freedom to practice your faith isn’t hindered by an overbearing government. And I won’t stay silent when our federal government labels you as a “domestic terrorist” for caring about what your child learns in school.